Monday, August 23, 2010

A few Cards..

By Tabitha Jones

Happy Birthday  Card
Materials Used:
~Exclusive ELE Bazzill Cardstock in Plum~
~Patterned Paper`Aged Script and Eggplant~
~Bloom-Lets~ Imapatients and Splat~
~Eye-Lets Andonized Rose~ and Flower
~Vellum Sticker~
Misc. Ric-Rak and Gems

Thinking of You Card
~Exclusive ELE Bazzill Cardstock in White~
~Create-Let~PPR #4 Royal squares/Royal Plaid~
~Vellum Stickers~
~Bloom-Lets ~Splat and Impaitients~
~Eye-Lets~ Green Diamonds and Flower~
Misc. Ink and Ribbon

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank You Card

By Denise Rieth

~ELE Exclusive Bazzill in Brown and Cocoa
~Patterned Paper~P31 Postcard Collage
~Cardstock Stickers~Loving Memory
~Eye-Lets Round Brass
~Misc. Ink

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too cute Tags...

Designed by Victoria Warren-Mears

Materials Used: Tag

Create-Let cardstock ~ Mellow Squares/Swirls-Confetti CREATE-PPR7

                         Patterned Paper ~ Scissor Sisters P-34 Festive Blue

                        Vellum Stickers~ Scissor Sisters VS-02

                        Eye-Lets ~ 1/8 Flower FLT264 Lavender

                       Fibers ~ Dark Blue

                      Technique etc~ Inked with Versa Magic Tea Leaves; Handmade Dahlia

                                                           Materials Used: Teapot

                     Create-Let Cardstock ~ Blue Squares/Blue Circles CREATE-PPR1

                    Patterned Paper ~ Buggy Blue

                   Vellum Stickers~ Scissor Sisters VS-02

                   Eye-Lets ~ OFTA-316-50; MISC316Flower

                  Bloom-Lets ~ BSPL-BATIK Batik Tye Dyed

                  Fibers ~ Blue

                 Buttons ~

                Technique etc~ Inking

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding Day fun...

By Denise Rieth

Materials used:
~ELE Excluxive Bazzill in Lilac
~Patterned Paper in Lavendar
~Create-Let Overlay~Memories
~Bloom-Lets ~Daisy, Cosmos,Hibiscious and Jasmine
~Eye-Lets Round
~Misc. ink and Edge Punch

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thanks a Bunch

I had a fabulous time creating this card today using a ton of Eyelets.
Designed by Tabitha Jones

Materials Used:

Eye-Lets Etc. Exclusive Bazzill in lavender
Patterned Paper in Baby Buggy Blue
76 Round Eye-Lets