Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feb 2011 ~ 2nd Page Challenge

Materials used:
ELE Exclusive cardstock~ Olive / Cardstock~ Create-Let #7 Confetti n' Swirls / Patterned paper~ Hunter Plaid n' Lavender Plaid /Bloom-Let~ Impatiens: Olive, Daisy: Purple, Sm Bloom: White / Eye-Lets~ Misc Regular Rounds / Vellum Stickers / Sanding Block for distressing, Tsukineko Inks n' Markers and misc Butterfly stamp. 
Designed by Terri Ott

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feb 2011 ~ First Page Challenge

Materials used:
ELE Exclusive cardstock~ Coral, Dark Chocolate and White / Patterned paper~ Sage Plaid, Coffee n' Postcard Collage /Bloom-Let~ Cosmos 3": Forest Green, Lg Hybiscus: Linen, Green n' White and Coral n' White / Eye-Lets~ Misc Regular Rounds / Fibers n' Such~ Forest Green / Sanding Block for distressing, Tsukineko Inks, Misc. buttons and thread.
Designed by Terri Ott

Feb 2011 ~ First 2 Page Challenges

Challenge #1 ~ Use at least 3 Blooms / 10 Eye-Lets and 3 colors/styles of paper..

Challenge #2 ~ Use at least 3 Blooms / 4 Eye-Lets / Butterfly (any type) and 4 colors/styles of paper..

these were designed by Victoria Warren-Mears

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

Materials used: ELE Exclusive Cardstock~ White, Mauve n' Burgundy / Create-Let#3 Pink solid stock / Eye-Lets~ Square Natural Shiny / Vellum Stickers~ Happy Birthday / Silver Flower sticker, Fruit mesh bag, sponge and Tsukineko Vintage Ink.
Designed by: Terri Ott

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Materials used:
ELE Exclusive Bazzill Basics Cardstock~ White n' Sapphire / Vellum Stickers~ Congratulations / Bloom-Let~ Cosmos 2" - Linen, Small Bloom - Turquoise / Eye-Lets~ Round Brass Anodized / Rivets~ Blue n' Black / Misc Patterned paper, border punch and Tombow markers.
Designed by: Terri Ott

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January~Fun in the Snow

By: Tabitha Jones
Supplies used:

Create-Let™ PPR # 1
Blue squares/Blue Circles
ELE Bazzill Cardstock

Winter Overlay


Eye-Lets- White and Silver Snowflakes

Magic Mesh

Stickers by Echo Park

Gems, Ink and Stamps

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank You Snow Much....

Materials used: ELE Exclusive Bazzill Basic Cardstock ~ White OP, Rose n' Navy / Bloom-Let ~ Linen Star / Eye-Lets ~Round Dark Blue / Misc Patterned Paper / Tombow markers amd Stampin' Up! Stamps.
Designed by: Terri Ott

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bee My Valentine...

Materials used:
ELE Exclusive Cardstock~ Pink and Black / Create-Let#2 Cardstock ~ Pink-Quilt / Create-Let #3 Overlay ~ Valentine's Day / Bloom-Let ~ Gerber Daisy Batik, Lg Hibiscus Pink / Eye-Let~ Round Pink n' White and Sunflower White / Sanding Block, Mesh and RicRak. 
Designed by: Barb Cirbo-Armstrong

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cherish Card w/opening photo holder on the front

Materials used:
ELE Exclusive Bazzill Basic Cardstock ~ White / Teal / Plum and Lilac / Eye-Lets ~ White rounds / Rivets ~ Purple / Bloom-Let ~ Cosmos 2" Turquoise, Hibiscus Blue n' White and Small Bloom Turquoise / ELE Vellum Stickers / Fibers n' Such, Embossing Folders and Tsukineko Inks.

Designed by: Terri Ott

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Take Chances, be adventurous......

If you aim at Nothing, 
you will hit it Everytime!

Time Flies Tag ~

Materials used:
ELE Exclusive BazzillBasic 8" x 8" cardstock ~ Rust, Brown and Black  / ELE Patterned Paper ~ Sepia Script / Cardstock Stickers ~ Time Flies(clock) / Eye-Lets ~ Purple AN Diamonds / Fibers n' Such and Gold embossing powder.
Designed by: Victoria Mears-Warren

Happy Winter.... Snow's on the way to Denver ~ 8 inches whoo-hoo

Let It Snow ~ Let It Snow ~ Let It Snow!!

Today I finally got a chance to sit and create after getting my cast removed from my hand. 
Even though my fingers aren't quite working yet, it felt awesome! Day by Day...
And as I told Tabi; "It took me 4 hours to complete this card!!!"

 Materials used:
ELE Exclusive Bazzill Basic Rum Raisin and White OP cardstock / ELE Patterned Paper ~  I Love You, Burgundy Daisy, Red Postcard and Postcard Collage / Vellum Stickers / Small Bloom-Let ~ Linen / Sweetheart Eye-Lets Cranberry / Sanding Block and Tsukineko Inks.

And Now I CHALLENGE ALL OF YOU to create a card or page using Tabi's "-Lets Sketch Design #3"

submit your designs to:

Winner will be voted on by 5 of our Designers and will receive a $15.00 gift card for

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year ~

Happy New Year.... 2011 is going to be an Awesome year.  Every other day we will be offering different specials on our store site! Items and Deals you don't want to miss, so be sure to check the site frequently.

Or you may choose to login to our store then, not only will you receive an advance email notifying you of these specials, but you will be entered in our weekly random drawing for Free Products, Gift cards, and much more!

If you haven't already go on FB to Eye-Lets Etc., Inc. / and click LIKE. Thank you all for your support in 2010 and we look forward to an awesome 2011. New Products Coming Soon..... Feel free to share this with your fellow crafters.

We'd also love to see your creative projects (any theme), feel free to send them to us...Who know's you may be chosen to be our Next Guest Designer!

Valentines Day is just around the corner...
Your Mission is you should choose to take it is: Send us your Valentine Card(s), make at least one out of colors other than Reds and Pinks. BE CREATIVE and Most of All HAVE FUN! We can't wait to see what you come up with.
Happy Creating,
ELE Design Team ~

The below page was designed by Terri
Materials used:
Create-Let #3 Valentines Day / Create-Let #3 Rainbow/Brights cardstock / All Season Stamp Set ~ Heart / Place Photo Here stap / Eye-Lets ~ Heart and Rounds in Red, Pink n' White and washers and Red Ink by Tsukineko.


By: Tabitha Jones
Supplies :
Bloom-Lets: Splat, Hibscius and Jasmine
Eye-Lets: Heart
Patterned Paper: Love Collage
Momenta,Lace,Dolie, Glimmer Mist

Monday, January 3, 2011

Planner anyone...

By: Tabitha Jones


Patterned Paper: Baby Pink Dots and Green Daisy
Cardstock Stickers:Shabby tags and Cute as a Bug
Eye-Lets: Flowers
Bloom-Lets: Imaptiens and Hibiscus
Ink: Espresso
Twine, Ribbon and Glittered brads