Sunday, September 12, 2010

Party Invites....So Cool!

Who Doesn't Like a Party?
What Better party now than a football party????
Our Design team put together a few invites that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!
Check these beauties out....
Designer:Tabitha Jones
ELE Bazzill Cardtock -Light Black, Chestnut,Eye-Lets-Helmets, Round Black,Fibers- Black and Green,Button-Red/Burgundy,Cardstock Stickers- Way to Go
Pen- Martha Stewart BlackCarolee Creations- small alpha,Overlay-Cool days Pattern Paper-Poem Collage

Designer:Kim Major
ELE Pattern Paper-Poem collage,Coffee Stain, ELE Bazzill cardstock-Grey, Football die cut, Button, Splat flower, Helmet, Football,horn and round eye-lets, Yellow fiber, Fall Overlay, Black pen.

Designer:Victoria Warren-Mears
Create-Let Overlay: Football,Patterned Paper: P46 Kiwi,ELE Bazzil Cardstock: Ivory and White,Eye-Lets: Flat green, football helmets, footballs,Inks: Versa Magic Hint of Pesto,Etc. Football Die Cut

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VAWM said...

Tabitha, I love your amazing design! Can I come to your party?